WB850 arrived from Amazon!

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Re: WB850 arrived from Amazon!
In reply to Greynerd, May 12, 2012

What's wrong with letting people decide for themselves, rather than you deciding for them?

Greynerd wrote:

If you are so sensitive I would not advise endorsing one of snake_b's snide remarks on this forum which would mean the majority of his comments. The clue to his motivation is in his name.

I would add the fact that most of us are trolls on DPR it is just that some people are not aware they are.

Jon Allison wrote:

Greynerd wrote

You seem to me just a high end user sneering at compact users. You only ever post on m43 and then come in and endorse our resident brand bashing Samsung high mega pixel compact hating troll. No one has given the camera any reviews we are just congratulating a fellow camera user on buying his camera.

It is a good example of how in a single forum like ours there is always pressure from the large sensor boys to drive out compact users and as this shows it is not just from users of the particular brand.

I do not own a Samsung compact or particularly like pixel packing but it infuriates me the way compact owners on this forum are intimidated on this forum by a tiny minority (usually a minorty of one) of pixel peeping IQ fetishists.

Jon Allison wrote:

snake_b wrote:
I think it's overdue to go to the reviews area and give it 5 stars.

Ha! I thought it, you said it.

I only ever post on M43?? Really? Ummm, might I suggest that you check my posting history properly, you will then see that I own two Samsung cameras. The WB1000 which I don't use now, and the EX1, which I do.

The EX1 is a great camera, many positives, also many negatives, I don't need to gloss the negatives to justify my purchase which many people do. I also have a sony HX9V, another great camera with plenty of minus points.

Yes, I own two M43 cameras which I got after much umming and ahhing over the different systes available, Samsung was there too, but the hardware and the Samsung company policy didn't / doesn't do it for me, especially for a long term investment as a system. My Oly gear is great, but there are many thnigs about it I can and will criticise; image noise, flaky white balance, menus quirkiness, fiddly buttons, but all in all I love. I'm not one to gush over a new piece of equipment if there are obvious shortcomings. Oly do at least respond with FW updates regularly.

Don't be so paranoid, I'm ot trying to 'drive out' small compact users, just being alert of potential shills. I'm not an iq fetishist or a pixel peeper. Different cameras for different jobs.

Also, the ampount of vitriol here puts me off; anyhting negative said at the alter of Samsung and the acolytes draw ranks. That's when someone critical of a camera/company is called a troll.
Happy Trolling Greynerd.

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