New Canon Micro 4/3 on the horizon?

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Re: New Canon Micro 4/3 on the horizon?
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danijel973 wrote:

It would be wonderful if Canon in fact used the m43 standard to produce bodies and lenses, as it would greatly increase the available options, but I'm afraid they'll do the shortsighted thing everybody else does; they will introduce a new mount.

You actually have it backwards. Introducing their own new mount is actually the farsighted choice, not the shortsighted choice. Yes, the shortsighted and expedient choice would be to just piggy-back off of Oly and Panny's existing lenses. However, that basically means that Canon would primarily be in the business of selling mirrorless camera bodies . Then, people would just go out and buy Oly and Panny m4/3 lenses for these bodies! That's bad business and lost revenue.

But the farsighted and smarter choice for Canon would be to produce their own lens system. After all, they have the resources. They have the brand popularity. They have the large userbase. They have plenty of money. They can play the long game. In the long run, it's much better for Canon to have their own lens system with their own lens mount so that people are buying Canon's lenses, not Oly's or Panny's. It's to Canon's advantage that people buy Canon lenses, just like it's to Nikon's advantage that people buy Nikon lenses.

They want their mirrorless business model to be just like their successful SLR business model: you buy the Canon body, then you buy the Canon lenses, or you might buy a "third-party" lens from Sigma or Tamron, which are less expensive but generally perceived to be not quite as good as buying Canon OEM. If Canon were to piggy-back off of Panny and Oly's lenses by going with m4/3, Canon would immediately and automatically reduce the chances that anyone would buy Canon lenses. When it comes to buying lenses for their Canon m4/3 body, consumers would be saying, "Hmm, should I buy the Panny m4/3 lens, the Oly 4/3 lens, the Canon m4/3 lens, or the Sigma m4/3 lens, etc?" A company with Canon's resources would be absolutely foolish to jump into that scenario! It would be shortsighted and expedient to go with m4/3, but in the long run it would be a terrible business decision for Canon. For a smaller company with fewer resources and less money in the bank, that might be a good (and necessary) decision. But it's definitely not something that Canon needs to do.

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