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papillon_65 wrote:

Samtendo 64 wrote:

The OM-D has an amazing IBIS that works with any lens, the X100 has none.

That's because essentially it doesn't really need it.

"My favorite toy doesn't have that feature, therefore it is not needed."
How original. Why don't you stick to your own arguments:

Well they do matter if you want them

IBIS can always be useful, it's always a plus if you can use a lower shutter speed and ISO, or if you don't have the most stable hands.

How about using it for creative applications such as smoothing water without having to stop down into diffraction territory or what about using it for motion blur?

How about using IBIS creatively for things like capturing motion in front of static backgrounds or for panning shots? But apparently the creative potential of a feature is only clear to you if it's in the camera of your choice...

No not very very soft, just a bit softer and mf is not unusable, the firmware up date has massively improved that although I'm not sure why you'd need to mf as the af works just fine.

Yes, it gets very soft. Fuji even mention it in the manual advising users to stop the lens down in close distances.

As for the MF, it now only takes what feels like 100 turns to focus instead of a 1000, and it's not exactly precise. It's still bad.

Why would I want to? Well, is it too much too ask that a 1000€ has usable manual focus? Sometimes in dim light I'd rather focus manually then have the camera try to focus and fail five times in a row. Because no, the AF only works "just fine" in good light.

The only thing that the X100 really has going for it in this comparison is the lower price. With the OM-D you get a much more responsive and reliable camera. It's also a much more flexible machine since it has interchangeable lenses.

Well again this is not correct, the flash sync speeds and silent shutter are big pluses as is the ovf.

Flash sync if you need it, yes. Some people never use flash. The OM-D has a very silent shutter as well. The OVF might be useful depending on your habits, it's too unreliable for me.

papillon_65 wrote:

Of course the ovf doesn't show what's in focus, just like the ovf on a DSLR.

Now it's getting stupid. If the VF of an SLR doesn't show you what's in focus then how exactly were people able to focus their images when there wasn't any AF?

"Just like a DSLR", last time I checked a DSLR VF lets you see and focus THROUGH the lens. That's completely different from the OVF in the Fuji which is just a hole in the body... Why don't you try to manually focus with a DSLR and then try to do the same with the OVF in the Fuji, which is "just the same" lol, you might realize how stupid your statement is.

However you have the optional parallax grid which shows you where the camera will capture the image.

Where, yes. Whether it really is on my intended subject, no. That's why it's useless if you want to make sure you got the shot right.

How you can say it is useless is beyond me, the ability to have both an ovf and evf is a key point to this camera and one of the reasons it is popular with many people.

Different people have different shooting habits and can have different experiences. Why don't you spend an evening shooting the X100 wide open in dim or low light with your subjects primarily being people in front of backgrounds that not only consist of evenly coloured and lit walls. You'll have many misfocused shots.

If you understand how cdaf focusing works and when it may miss focus there is no problem, it's no different to any other mirrorless camera in this respect. People are already reporting the OMD missing focus and that will be for exactly the same reason. It doesn't use a single point but a larger box to identify areas of focus, this is an inherent weakness of cdaf focusing and not the X100.

The X100 has a harder time getting the focus right than any CDAF camera I've used. And no, I'm not talking about small sensor cameras with infinite DOF, but NEX and MFT cameras. You're talking as if every CDAF camera has the same AF problems as the Fuji X series, that is just wrong.

Look, I love the X100, but it's a specialist camera with a couple of big flaws (that the other camera in question here doesn't have) and drawbacks, which might not matter to some but be absolute deal breakers for others. I was just pointing out what could possibly annoy the OP. This is not a thread for X100 owners to justify their purchase, it's to help someone in their decision.

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