New camera dillusion........D4, D800....BS!

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Re: Lest ye conform or be struck down for trying this new fangled magic!!
In reply to Lance B, May 12, 2012

No wonder there seems to be more monkey businesses around these days...

Lance B wrote:

djmm wrote:

No wonder we're not getting anywhere evolution-wise since the last couple of centuries or so...

Well, as a race we are de-evolving.

Lance B wrote:

djmm wrote:

Why does it matter to you anyway? It's other people's money and they deserve to spend it however way they want - even if the new camera in reality won't be fully utilized by them.

I don't see the point of your post really. Just let people be happy with their new toys and move on. It's not like they're taunting you with the new cam saying " ha ha I got new D800 and you ain't got one".

To be honest you sound like either you're jealous or bitter that you can't have one. Either way just move along.

I sometime read Leica posts and quite many of them can't take that good pictures anyway, but you don't see me posting "you don't need that M9 to take those pics" kind of posts. They're happy with their cameras, then I think it's all worth it for them. Don't be bitter. Take more pics.

And where would the fun be in minding your own business and not casting judgement on others just like the local town busy body tut tut tutting away at those that don't conform? The local pub would have nobody visiting it to regale stories of why they are so sane and all the rest are mad as hatters for daring to try the latest and greatest.

It's just the way of people to try to pull everyone down to their level whilst proclaiming that they know best all all else are crazy for trying the new evil magic that those at the big end of town try to sell us.

This is how we humans have existed for centuries, trying to lower all to the lowest common denominator. Lest ye conform or be struck down for trying this new fangled magic!

Repent sinner and avert thine eyes for ye will be cast into damnation!!

Fletch147 wrote:

I do think the D800 and D4 are stunning cameras.

And there are good photographers on here.......

BUT I stand by my view IMO it's never wise to be first in the blocks buying new tech.

If you're a demanding fully paid pro who needs the tool then fair enough, otherwise for 90% of people I think the camera 1 behind the new one is the way to go.

Half the price.....and no niggling bugs / faults.

There is just far too many poor / average shots posted stating an 'amazing detail' etc....only to find poor images that could have been taken on anything.

I'm certainly not saying I'm the best photographer in the world....not at all!...BUT you will NEVER see a blurred shot on my FLICKR site.......composition is in the eye of the beholder and can be personal taste, thats different.....and you will never see me state on a thread headline my images are stunning or amazing

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