Nikonrumors see the D600 as more likely and gives more specs

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D600 and D400 are quite complementary
In reply to eNo, May 12, 2012

eNo wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

Seems quite clear that the camera is coming, even earlier than previously thought:

• announcement in September

I've heard as early as August... who knows?

• price could be as low as $1,500. If so I can't see Nikon offering a D300 successor, or it would have to be a super doped "D400" full frame body integrated gps wireless etc. BTW I would not want a full body camera, I hate those bricks (YMMV) and I don't think many of the potential D300 upgraders are that interested as well

A D300 successor at around the same price point would be difficult but not impossible. If the AF and other pro-like features are there, it would differentiate itself (for those who would buy it, mind you!) from what sounds like, essentially, a D7000 body with a FX sensor (plus or minus a few differences). Just read around here and you'll clearly see that if the mini-FX body has the D7000's 39 AF point system, many will disdain it from the get-go and prefer a DX body with the extra reach and D300 (or improved) 51 AF point module. The only question is: does Nikon want to produce both of these cameras, or more to the point, can they? Can they keep up with demand, given that they already seemed stressed at the seams? If they can pull it off, though, they'll make lots of money. To help a little, the D300 successor could be a limited, lower volume production. We'll see...

Look at the pricing of the D800 - a DX version of that body could probably be placed below $2000, provided sales are high enough. And I think they will be. Not only are there scores of DX shooters looking for the D300s successor, there are thousands of FX shooters interested in a pro level DX body as a supplement. D300 was built in Thailand AFAIK, its successor will probably also be built there. In practice, even with launch of D600 and D400, they will only have 4 models in parallel production: D3200, D5100/D7000, D400 and D600. And with factories with 6+ million capacity, they simply must have enough production lines. They could handle 3-4 models with the lower capacity, 4-5 should not be a problem now.

In fact, the D600 may turn out to be the preferred FX body for quite a few D400 shooters. If I hadn't the D700 already, I would surely take a close look on it myself. For example, with a D400 and the 14-24/2.8, the upcoming 16-85/4, the 70-200/2.8 II, and a series, say 24-35-50-85-135 of f/1.8G lenses, the only extra lens needed for the D600 would be a decent normal zoom, like the AF 24-85/2.8-4D. And what is probably the successor of this oldie has already been patented.

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