A nice comparison - A77 & K-5

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Re: A nice comparison - A77 & K-5
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MaxIso wrote:

ET2 wrote:

MaxIso wrote:

and who cares about the k7, why not discuss the newer pentax models? k5 and k-01 do use raw for their multi stacks.

with 1 fps in K01 case, and with tripod only with K-5

keep shooting on your sony

How do you know I own a Sony camera? I don't think I ever told you what cameras I own.

nex7 ring a bell? or were u planning on lying?

Where did I say I own Nex-7? Post the link

and it doesnt matter if the k-01 has a 1fps raw, ill stand there for 9 seconds if i have to.

Yes, you willl stand with a tripod for 9 seconds shooting something that must stay absolutely still for 9 seconds It all makes sens now

the problem is i dont have to, bc it takes much better high iso all the time.

So much better than what? Your A33 has the old 14 MP sensor, but even the difference there is just one stop (dxomark). Everything new (with the 16 MP sensor), like like D5100 and 5N, and the difference is within margin of error (dxomark again).

heres your advantage. two comparisons in this link. one is iso 400(nex7) vs 1600. other is iso1600(nex7) vs 6400. nex7 was lower noise in both to show the 2 stops advantage of the k-01. surprise surprise. so WITH your mfnr, u can match in jpeg what i can do in raw on the k-01. but i can do it all the time, not just when something is standing still. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/studiocompare.asp#baseDir=%2Freviews_data&cameraDataSubdir=boxshot&indexFileName=boxshotindex.xml&presetsFileName=boxshotpresets.xml&showDescriptions=false&headerTitle=Studio%20scene&headerSubTitle=Standard%20studio%20scene%20comparison&masterCamera=pentax_k01&masterSample=imgp1376.acr&slotsCount=4&slot0Camera=pentax_k01&slot0Sample=imgp1376.acr&slot0DisableCameraSelection=true&slot0DisableSampleSelection=true&slot0LinkWithMaster=true&slot1Camera=sony_nex7&slot1Sample=dsc03054.acr&slot2Camera=pentax_k01&slot2Sample=imgp1382.acr&slot3Camera=sony_nex7&slot3Sample=dsc03033.acr&x=0.03244784314348673&y=0.7020140760983978

The queen of hearts is out of focus, and as I told you before, the 24 MP sensor can be downsampled to 16 MP to lower the noise.

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