Strange 5Dlll in Thailand

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Re: Strange 5Dlll in Thailand
In reply to lakanon, May 12, 2012

Sawatdee khap. Singapore is not competitive price wise. Hong Kong would be better.

lakanon wrote:
Thanks for your compliments on Thai people. I am Thai.

Canon got a big bunch of 5DIII last month just before Songkran holidays (Thai new year) and they have sold a lot during that time when people spent money on new bodies and lens for their long holidays. Sales might drop or slow down somewhat as of now. Re price, if you shop around, you'll get lower than list price. I got my 5DIII for about USD3,100. If you're tourist, you'll also get 7%Vat refund. I found price quite competitive compared to Singapore, not to mention Japan. I also get 10 installments with 0% interest. World Camera is among shops you can check their good price.

garyknrd wrote:

LOL, I will be selling mine when i get home. I hate to but it has to go, the new one is so sweet I am impressed with it. I hope it works out. I have high hope for the new sharper glass and 4 stopes IS. Fingers crossed. I used the old one for hanging around my neck and really liked it. But getting older and the weight was getting kinda unpleasant.

I got a cup of coffee as usual. Water... A great bunch of folks for sure. Jai Dee mak for the most part. And the guy said go outside and shoot opened the door and pointed.... But I was interested in testing it on a chart against my old 300. In my country I would of been escorted outside with an armed guard. LOL

You know it is kinda funny. When i first moved here I was really paranoid and would not buy here at all. NOW, I will not buy in my country... I love the buying and people here. Very pleasant experience.

Let me know how you like your D800 when you break it in...

bigpigbig wrote:
Classic! I sold my Canon 300mm 2.8 IS today!

I totally agree that shopping in Thailand is such a pleasure. They give you a great cup of coffee, a body of your choice and will let you test every lens in the case if you want. They even let me walk around the mall or outside and test stuff.

Thai people in general are so kind and helpful. Jai dee mak.

garyknrd wrote:

Yea, I picked up the 300mm there today. I showed them the Fotofile price and they bent over backwards to please me. A pretty good bunch of guys. By the way they are out of the D800's as of today anyway.

I love shopping in BKK it is different then my home country. They let me check the lens out and provided me with a 5D11. I stayed about 3 hours before I was satisfied. LOL.
I know about where your are. Close to Bang Buathong. I'm in Phetchaburi.

bigpigbig wrote:
I live out in Chaengwattana area, so Central Chaengwattana in the basement.

World Camera has been good for me as well. Got my D800e from them while Fotofile still doesn't have them.

garyknrd wrote:

I buy from them or World camera now. But wow, that is a switch. Which branch were you at today? I know several of the birding guys.
I even saw a Mklll kit in Big Camera.. LOL

bigpigbig wrote:

Saw another guy in Fotofile this evening selling his Canon gear and buying a D800.

Second time I saw this.

I don't think these are isolated cases.

garyknrd wrote:

You may be right. I am going to keep my eye on it here. If the price starts to drop I am going to get one.

I posted this on the Nikon thread too. I am hoping some Nikon shooter from here will let me know what they think.

As a Caucasian over here I am kinda out of the loop with the pro's and just general photography public. I do know know in my circle of Thai friends I shoot with some. There is about a 50/50 mix. Nikon/Canon

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