Canon goes mirrorles in June (no m43 partner I guess)

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Re: I was thinking of the 16-35L
In reply to Chez Wimpy, May 11, 2012

Geez, Chez, if you don't calm down with all your relentlessly negativity and pessimism, you're going to either blow a blood vessel or give yourself a heart attack! LOL. OK, we get it: you hate Nikon and Canon. Now go find a cat to kick. LOL.

Chez Wimpy wrote:

T3 wrote:

I think you're completely missing the point. The point is that if I have a Canon lens, and it's the one that fits my needs for a particular situation, I still want the option of being able to use it.

You have that option, with all the compromises an adapted PDAF non-MF era, non-aperture operable lens presents to the m43 user. If Canon releases a mirrorless system themselves, there will be an EF adapter, for sure. The problem is, I don't see how that will improve upon the current best-fit scenario (rebel+lens), in size, performance, or in cost.

Maybe you missed the news that Canon's DSLR sales were actually up 30%:

That is impressive. It is also indicative of the broader market (and the US in particular). In Japan however, DSLRs are now in the minority of interchangeable cameras sold. I see some people here with Kiss X5's held at arms length, clearly their first SLR, and they are all using the LCD to CDAF with the kit lens... slowly... and in most cases (including the Christmas photos at one event) inaccurately. Canon the brand name still holds sway with those moving up, especially if they haven't researched the options and their own usage pattern.

Why fire off your bullets before you need to?

Presumably, because you fall so far behind you need the leader to make a series of mistakes to catch up. Ask Nikon how that perspective worked out for them during the introduction of AF cameras...

Yeah, that's a great answer: "Don't like our mirrorless offering? Then buy our DSLR instead?!?" Riiiiigght.

Uh, no. It's more like: "Don't like Nikon's mirrorless? Then I guess I'll just buy some other company's mirrorless!"

Which is the point of my post: Nikon's DSLR arrogance in the face of capitalistic consumer reality. And that is why Nikon (Canon) are going about this in a way that only helps out m43/Sony/Samsung.

Great advice, Chez Wimpy!

Don't shoot the messenger

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