E-M5 Gets Panned!

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up to 1/250th seems right
In reply to damoclesnz, May 11, 2012

I check some other forums and there are many great shoots at 1/250th with very blurred backgrounds. That seems to be a popular speed.

One guy tried 1/30th with his Nikon D300S and the car was blurrier than the ones in the OP.

I said 1/60 to 1/100 above, but after looking at some really great shots, maybe you are right that up to 1/250 would be better.

damoclesnz wrote:
It is quite reasonable to try bumping up the shutter speed a bit (say to 1/250).

It will look different but is still a valid shutter speed for panning while still getting a feeling of motion.

millsart wrote:

Seems the net is full of a bunch of "experts" who probably read in their photo 101 book that "action needs a fast shutter speed" and now like to comment on photos as if they know what they are talking about.

I doubt that these people making such comments have ever actually shot any motor racing before. They probably only themselves learned about fast shutter speeds themselves after wondering why their subjects weren't sharp in their day to day photography.

It would be one thing if people simply asked " why such a slow speed " and wanted to learn.

Wanted to learn about slow panning, wanted to learn why it looks bad to have cars, helicopters etc with frozen static wheels, but no, they simply dash off lines like " I would of used a faster shutter speed"

Its not helpful to the OP, and while they may think it makes them feel superior, it really shows their ignorance.

A little bit of knowledge apparently is a dangerous thing

OdzBodkinz wrote:
What would you have done?

KwhyChang wrote:

doesn't seem like a fast enough shutter speed.... but that's just me.

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