RAW / PEF processing software advice needed

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Re: RAW / PEF processing software advice needed
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Robgo2 wrote:

Good luck with Raw Therapee. It is a work in progress that still need a great deal of work. It is very complex and buggy, and the user interface is challenging, to say the least. And yet, there are those who love it. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

For my money, the best of the popular raw conversion programs is Capture One, but it is not freeware.

I agree with much of what is said here about it. Raw Therapee is a work in progress(always) and can be highly complex. Well... that's not entirely accurate, I'd consider complex to be some of the older command line style RAW developers(phew) but... Raw Therapee can certainly be very technical for people who are just starting out.

That being said, I'd also say that there are two sides to every equation and that Raw Therapee is no exception to the rule. If anyone asked me what I thought the most powerful Raw developer on a Windows platform currently is, I would have to say Raw Therapee. And this is an argument that I've seen demonstrated time and time again. And just recently(in fact) against RPP to which I'd add, Raw Therapee proved to produce better overall detail highlight and shadow recovery(higher quality) than RPP could ever muster. And I say this painfully, as I am a long time devotee of RPP myself.

On the issue of stability, I can only relate to Raw Therapee under Windows 7 64bit. Which has proven to be quite stable for me. However I've seen quite a few times when RT was rendered unusable after an update too. But... in all fairness, I don't think these were ever the stable releases(beta's) up for download on the site.

All in all, I'd say RT is one amazing RAW developer. Especially when we consider that it beats every other RAW developer in existence for free! And so it becomes quite obvious that the competition would find reasons to try and dismiss it.

PS. I always felt that someone should organize a RAW developer competition. Based on performance attributes such as; highlight and shadow recovery, tonal control, final detail and resolution, color fidelity etc. I think such a case study could prove to be very helpful for people shopping around for a RAW developer solution.

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