D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 but th

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In reply to bigpigbig, May 11, 2012

bigpigbig wrote:

I you took a 36MP image, downsized it to 3MP and then compared it to a 3MP camera, they might look fairly similar. But that is not the point when looking for resolution ("same amount of detail") Resolution is largely (not entirely) dependent on MP. Anyway, if all one is ever going to do is display on screen, even the highest resolution screen (2k x 1.2k) is approx. 3MP. No, the D800 is not necessary.

It is like taking a 2400dpi scan and downsizing it to 300 dpi, then comparing it to a 300dpi scan. What would be the point? No being condescending, a real question.

What you are doing when you compare images from cameras of different resolution at 100% on screen, is the same as printing completely different size prints and looking at them both at the same close proximity.

You wouldn't realistically take a print from a 12mp camera, then take a print of three times the size from a 36mp camera and look at them both equally closely (such as with a loupe) and expect the larger print to be much better. It won't be.

To make a valid comparison you would have to produce two equally large prints, the bigger the better. Here the quality of the D800 would shine through.

To do the equivalent of this on screen, you would have to equalise the size of the two files either up or down.

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