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Re: Flash for Olympus e-3
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nickoly wrote:

I guess you got no response here because nobody could take you seriously, including me. You claim to be a photojournalist covering events but you clearly have no idea of what you are doing and, most particularly have no idea about using flash.

Thanks for the insult, I realize several photographers are stuck up and think they are better than everyone else, I am very glad to have met one first hand. You are partially correct, I do not know much about flash at all, that is why I am actively watching videos and trying to learn. Not this exact forum but forums from this website are normally extremely helpful. I figured a "lighting technique" would know the most information but I was extremely incorrect.

The answer to your first question is yes any flash will do but, if you want to take advantage of the automation offered by Olympus, you need to use either an Olympus flash or thrid-party flashgun dedicated for use on Olympus cameras.

The benefits of an external flash more than make up for the cost. The built-in flash is essentially only for emergency use - like your external flash has just been stolen.

It offers you more power, more lighting control, less worry about red-eye and, when the batteries go flat, you can use still shoot with the camera - even with its on-board flash, if you must.

Why don't you elaborate some more please? More power I understand but more lighting control? Besides bouncing it off something or using a light sphere (that I mentioned already), maybe even a ring flash, what other control does that provide?

I hate flash personally, its the one way photographers get annoying really fast. I also hate posed shots, I like the subject completely unknowledgeable that I am there. Most of what I shoot is outside or in an area where I can't use flash, and portraits I will have the off-camera flash, so in my shoes as a (non-professional-yet) part time photojournalist with little money, would it be worth the money to get a flash to go on my camera or save for something else?

My apologies if you think I am a complete moron but next time instead of insulting my photography abilities please refer me to a different forum if you feel the need. Or better yet, just learn to actually read my post, I said "I am not sure if I need to post this here" in my first post.

Thank you anyone that actually has constructive information.

Silvercobra wrote:

Well, since I couldn't get any responses here

Do the benefits of having an external flash on a camera compared to the built in flash make up for the cost?

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