Canon goes mirrorles in June (no m43 partner I guess)

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Re: Canon goes mirrorles in June (no m43 partner I guess)
In reply to Chez Wimpy, May 11, 2012

Chez Wimpy wrote:

T3 wrote:

I don't think Canon minds that one of their cameras might eat into the sales of another of their cameras, so long as you buy a Canon.

Haven't been following Canon that long, eh?

300D vs 10D firmware crippling... limited buffers (20D vs 30D)... focus crippling across the non 1D range, especially heinous with xxxxD line... weather sealing restricted to 1D series... 5D2 focus / fps... AF micro-adjust removed from the xxD line... crippled movie mode for 500D... refusal to update non-L prime lenses...

Canon has resisted cannibalizing sales to an extreme not seen by any other camera maker.

The fatal flaw of your argument is that the ultimate result of Canon's decisions is that they continue being a successful, highly profitable company. With the shift in the photography market created by the rise of these new mirrorless camera systems, Canon's decisions will again be aimed at keeping them successful in the camera industry. And they aren't going to do that by being uncompetitive in the mirrorless market! LOL! So you see, regardless of whatever ill feelings you have towards Canon, you can not deny that they continue to run a very successful business, providing products that do very well in the market. I don't think that's going to change once they get into the mirrorless camera market. Once again, they'll field a competitive, successful product. Obviously, they know what they are doing, unlike a lot of armchair quarterbacks with chips on their shoulders here on these forums! LOLOLOL!

So, yeah, if you've been following Canon for long, you know that they are a smart, successful company that continues to do well in the photography business, decade after decade, from the extremely popular AE-1 (one of the most popular manual cameras of all time) to the ubiquitous and ever-popular Rebel film bodies, to the current Rebel digital bodies, and onward. I think it's very naive and foolish to be so dismissive of Canon, Chez Wimpy. You can count them out if you wish, but they'll be chugging along long after you're rotting in your grave!

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