Sharper wide open: Mirrorless or DSLR?

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evnarmil who
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Re: 'wide open' is a bit arbitrary
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Because I'm not looking for max resolution. I'm looking for system performance in a slightly similar package. If 1.4 50 mm is my comfort level on the D800, will the MFT cameras resolve at least that much in the in-focus field? Can I shoot MFT wide open expecting at least that good of resolution--or better?

Great Bustard wrote:

evnarmil who wrote:

The Sigma is arguably better than the Nikon at the 50 mm focal length.

I'm not seeing what's "arguably better" about the Sigma 50 / 1.4 over the Nikon 50 / 1.4G:

The expensive primes are not 50 mm.

Indeed. The 50 / 1.4G costs $459 (B&H).

The one thing sites make difficult is comparing systems, camera+lens. I'm just using F1.4 as a baseline. It's an aperture I know well on FF. I know I can shoot at F2.8. But I'm not expecting the MFT to outresolve FF at 2.8. I want to know if it beats my baseline sharpness of FF at F1.4. I can take it from there.

Very odd way of looking at things. Let's say that mFT at 25mm f/1.4 outperformed 50mm f/1.4 on FF (half the DOF on the FF system), but 50mm f/2.8 outperformed 25mm f/1.4 on mFT (same DOF). What then?

If I print a 16 x 20 and use both camera systems at F1.4, which will be sharper? I can extrapolate from there.

The question is why a competent photographer would shoot both systems at f/1.4. The only reasons I can think of to compare 25mm f/1.4 on mFT to 50mm f/1.4 on FF is:

  • You prefer the more shallow DOF of 50mm f/1.4 on FF

  • Lower noise matters more than DOF or sharpness in low light

Aside from those, what reason is there?

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