The Sony A57: Is it or is it not a superior camera to Canikon?

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Re: SLT viewfinder big but..
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Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

For example here:

You could post a link to a thread with some sense to it or an image

Done and done, see before, above and below.

I have no idea why the D90 sensor output is better than the D300 at high ISO maybe ask Nikon or maybe because the D90 came out "after the D300" did

Read again, I specifically mentioned the D300S before. Released after and above the D90. And the D300 and D300s are hard to tell apart.

I already highlighted it a year and a half ago:

That's not showing much because I've used cameras with NR raw and they all showed hot pixel issues with coloured pixels, and a smoothing of detail as well as a very obvious signs of it ie much reduced chroma noise with all Raw converters.

I wasn't talking about hot pixels, the random smearing is not from chroma NR. Anyone with a bit of experience with RAW converters and NR software would know that. Such chroma NR smearing would only really be apparent in the red channel, red fabrics. Not all over the place and not when chroma NR is turned off too, see previous examples.

GaborSch, the first developer of RawAnalyze, but who sadly passed away (hence his samples from his website no longer working), was one of the first to mention it.

And my reply remains the same as it did back then using a raw converter that is known to apply NR to raw files isn't the best way to demonstrate this. Shame about GaborSch on a personal level..but I didn't see his point then and using and owning the camera I don't see it now.

DCRAW doesn't apply any NR and shows the exact same thing, so that's not a good excuse.

Rawtherapee (DCRAW engine), zero NR:

At DXOmark, the dodgy DR curve gives it away, since Exmor sensors are known for their rather linear read noise/DR curves.

For half the cost of the D300s I can't say I know why that is, but I'm not one to complain coming out on the arguably better side of the deal

Not convinced with that. Sure a lot of bang for the buck, but I'd take the D300S RAW files over the D90 ones any day as they withstand a lot more manipulation without artifacting. I'd let Topaz do the better quality NR.

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