Do you miss VR on the 85mm f/1.8 G ?

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Re: An alternative: the 70-200 VRII
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Mark_A wrote:

But this thread started saying pretty much - 85mm f1.8 why does it not have VR? .. the 85mm is normally used as a portrait lens, often head and shoulders, and it is quite a fast one at f1.8. Normally one takes portraits in reasonable light so why does the 85mm need VR?

OK I'll bite. I was at the Shedd Aquarium last weekend (no tripods allowed). That is a perfect place for an 85mm lens (has the reach to get some good closeups of aquarium inhabitants). It is also incredibly dark in there, so there is not a lot of light. At f/2.8, I was still needing ISO 6400 and up to get a decent exposure at 1/125. At f/1.4, I can use ISO 1600, but DOF was often far too shallow. It would have been nice to have VR and try to get away with some lower shutter speeds. It's all about options, and VR gives you one more tool to use.

Here's a fictional example - let's say I'm actually using it as a portrait lens at a family event or holiday. I'm shooting indoors, at night, so there's not much light to be had. Flash scares my senile great grandmother and makes my newborn nephew cry. I am trying to get some handheld portraits of great gam gam, but I have to use ISO 6400, f/1.4, and 1/100 to get the right exposure. Dang, wish I had VR on this lens, then I could drop the shutter speed to 1/50th and take the ISO down to 3200. Great gam gam isn't moving to much these days, so slow shutter speeds aren't an issue.

How about another? I'm using the 85mm wide open for its incredibly creamy background blur, and I'm taking close-up portraits of each of my fifteen sleeping cats. I want some pictures to remember them by before I have to give them to the shelter, and the county animal control is banging at the door with a couple of police officers ready to arrest me on charges of animal cruelty for keeping 15 cats in a Chicago apartment. If I open the blinds to let light in, the cats will wake up and won't be nearly as cute. OK 85mm lens, but dang, I can only get ISO 3200, f/1.4, 1/60th and the shots keep coming out a little blurry. I fiddle with the settings as my hands start to sweat. I still need pictures of Bartholomew, Cat Stevens, Senor Gato Loco, and Catsper the Friendly Ghost, and the ones I've already taken aren't very good. Oh no! They're chopping at the door with the fire axe! Drat this Nikon camera and it's lack of in body VR! No, Mr. Officer, I can explain! AhhhHhhhhhHHH!

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