The Sony A57: Is it or is it not a superior camera to Canikon?

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Re: SLT viewfinder big but..
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Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:


It's been discussed several times in the Nikon forum.

Do point me in that direction I'm curious

For example here:

I already highlighted it a year and a half ago:

GaborSch, the first developer of RawAnalyze, but who sadly passed away (hence his samples from his website no longer working), was one of the first to mention it.

At DXOmark, the dodgy DR curve gives it away, since Exmor sensors are known for their rather linear read noise/DR curves.

It does, as displayed above.

Using LR3? How about using the latest raw convertor.

Same results, try the latest free DNG converter yourself if you don't have it.
Rawtherapee (DCRAW) one of the most "honest" conerters out there shows it too.

And lifting shadows on high ISO shots isn't a great demonstration. It's not the done thing do it at lower ISO level but not high ISO

It's there at all ISO's (just more visible at high ISO) and even without lifting. The lifting merely makes what's alreay there more visible.

I still see no evidence of raw cooking, nor have I using the camera.

Heh, what a surprise.

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