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Lucas Jarvis
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Re: exposed to the left you may mean
In reply to kevindar, May 10, 2012

kevindar wrote:

first off, you mean expose to the left right? b/c that what you have done here. expose to the right means that you have some blown highlights before you pull back the highlights, and honestly, you have far more than 1/2 stop, in fact more than one stop room here for additional exposure. this will certainly not qualify as expose to the right.

No, I meant expose to the right and I'm not confused. Hehe. I've gone back to the RAW to find an exact figure as my 1/2 a stop was just an estimate, my apologies. When turning on my clipping, I can add at additional +.65 before the red channel starts to clip on the boat.

Therefore this image is .65 of a stop from exposing to the right. Still within acceptable fault range I would say.

Second, the degree of dodging on the guys face is easily worth about 3 stops. easily. In fact, I had to increase the exposure value by about 4 stops to get the brightness in the shadow part of the face of the guy to match your post image.

Regarding his face. I have to add 2 1/2 stops to the RAW file using ACR to get him to the same exposure in the final jpg. Maybe adjusting a jpg is giving unusual numbers for you. This illustrates my point even more anyway that I would need to doge 2 1/2 stops in a scene with very even lighting. Seems high doesn't it? Factor in my .65 margin of error on exposing to the right and this very flat scene required a dodge of 1 2/3 stops.

all that said, I am not arguing that having cleaner shadows is not useful. you just started talking about how you get banding with even one stop and definitely by 2 stops. this is not 1 or 2 stops.

My reference to banding in 1 stop, and then definitely by 2 stops was in reference to an example posted in another thread. It was in reference to the 5D MKII, where as this post has an example of a post from the Original 5D. If it were taken with the MKII, I would expect to see banding.

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