MT-24EX Macro Twin Flash substitute?

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Re: MT-24EX Macro Twin Flash substitute?
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herodutus wrote:

Thanks for some very interesting info, especially Kurt... your macro pages are full of great ideas - though I notice you still recommend the MT-24EX. And also SteB... your ideas sound very promising.

I'm surprised that someone doesn't make a cheaper, manual version of the MT-24EX though - especially if it had good, built in diffusers you could imagine it being a real hit. Or perhaps a single source filter thread mounted macro flash with a concave diffuser - there must be a market for it.

Thanks again all.

One of the problems is that I don't think most macro photography equipment is designed by those with much macro photography experience. IMHO it is designed by equipment manufacturers who mistakenly think they know what macro photographers need. This is why macro photographers spend more time modifying or creating their own equipment than any other groupd of photographers I'm aware of.

I am very confident I could easily design a much better and more efficient macro flash gun than any currently available. I've already proved how much I can modify the light output from the MT24EX with quite simple attachments. Whilst the light modifiers I made look quite simple I actually first of all spent a lot of time understanding how flash light works in the macro region and then found some diffuser shapes and designs that would work with that. If you look that the articles linked to in Kurt's blog, you will find that in one case I wrote about the idea before designing the diffuser.

The problem is that making the flashes and housing is easy for a manufacturer but difficult if you don't have the equipment for doing that. So I am stuck with modifying what is availabe or using other equipment. But it would be possible to do it much better if you could design the flashgun with the diffusers built into. I think it would be possible to build and sell a top class macro flash gun for not much more than an entry level flashgun. It does not need to be massively powerful or complex.

If you look at most commercial macro flashguns such as the MT24EX, or the Sony, Olympus or Nikon alternatives, they have fancy 2 or more flash head options that can be used into lots of positions, or give you the opportunity to use all sorts of power ratios. But in practise most of these movements, flash head positionings, and power ratios serve little purpose. Most experienced macro photographers use the heads in a similar position with often the flash ratios equal. All this positioning etc, looks great in a catalogue or web illustration, but it does very little to help getting good macro photographs.

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