X100 RAW and Lightroom 4

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Re: X100 RAW and Lightroom 4
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steddyman wrote:

I am currently a Nikon user and a big Lightroom fan. I've just picked up a cheap x100 as a carry around camera, and have heard some conflicting information on Lightrooms support for the camera.

Can I shoot the X100 with auto DR enabled and still use Lightroom for my workflow. I use a Mac and really have no interest in adding another product into my workflow.

DR200 underexposes by 1 stop and DR400 by 2. It does this by (effectively) reducing the true ISO used for the shot. So a DR200 @ ISO400 and DR400 @ ISO800 are both shot at an effective ISO200, even though the EXIF would show ISO400 and ISO800. The JPEG engine then uses a less contrasty tone curve to pull up the shadows towards the mid tones, preserving the highlights and giving an effect of wider DR.

Lightroom doesn't read the DR200/DR400 marker (which is stored in the Maker Notes). So it displays the image under-exposed. Aperture reads and uses the DR200/DR400 setting, and I believe SilkyPix does also.

For Lightroom, the logical solution is just to keep the camera on DR100 and underexpose where you need to protect highlights.

AutoDR is effectively giving you an automatic underexposure when a high contrast scene is detected. If this is what you want to retain by using AutoDR, then you'll need to develop a technique for raising the shadows and adding back contrast in Lightroom. With practice, you should be able to achieve this and create presets to automate the process. The only problem is you won't know for sure which DR setting was used.


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