The Sony A57: Is it or is it not a superior camera to Canikon?

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Re: The Sony A57: Is it or is it not a superior camera to Canikon?
In reply to NowHearThis, May 9, 2012

Personally, I always prefer Canon's IQ, especially their tone & color. Of course personal preference aside, if you put 50 random pictures taken by the 3 cameras, even the best pros would have a hard time differentiating the cameras that took them.

I think it is best if you highlight which (features) are more important to you. Obviously Sony has better video resolution (60fps vs 30fps @ 1080). In the real world this may be a deal breaker for some, while not even a factor for others.

If you prefer speed. And use it mostly for action/sports, then you need to pick the one with the faster fps (along with a faster AF system).

Also you have to consider what the lenses cost. I mean the camera is only as good as the lens. A good lens on a T2i will beat a mediocre lens on a top-level DSLR.

Personally, for me, I think Canon's lens cost less. At least I can always find them for a lesser price. For example, the nifty Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II can be had for less than $100 while Sony Alpha 50mm f/1.8 DT SAM costs average of $130. And aftermarket lens available on Ebay are 100:1 in Canon's favor. That means you are more likely to find bargain priced lenses for upgrade. But if the slight difference doesn't bother you, then don't let this be a factor.

Perhaps it is more of a personal issue and maybe nothing to do with the quality of Sony's cameras. But from my personal experience, whether it be Sony Vaios (top end models), Sony Cybershot cameras - though they are usually spec'ed better than competitors, and have all sorts of whistles & bells, but they usually cost more and the build-quality is questionable at best. I find myself parting with Sony products not long after I purchase it. 1-2 years to be exactly. I may not be the most careful person in the world, but I'm not a bumbling idiot either. My other laptops, point & shoot cameras usually last twice as long. I remember being quoted outrageous prices for simple repairs by Sony, that was when I realized I'm just buying into their disposable fancyware. These bad experiences have tend to make me avoid Sony products, because they are just too fragile/overpriced for me.

On the other hand, the Canon G6 I bought 6 years ago, after being dropped dozens of times, sometimes down flight of stairs, still take picture as beautiful as 1st day I bought it. Though I don't use it as much, it is a testament to their decades of camera craftsmanship. Perhaps the Canon t3i I bought isn't built like before, but I rather take chances with Canon because the best camera is the one you paid for and get to enjoy it for years.

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