D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 but th

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We agree then. Best tool for which job, and there is no single tool.

BackInTheGame wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

Nice sales job on the D800, but let's not indicate cropping for sports is the same as a telephoto lens and a cam with high frames per second, unlike the D800. It just is not - not if you want the money shot focused on the animals eye lid. That makes the magazine cover and more likely from a cam built for high action - that's not the D800.

BackInTheGame wrote:

peterohara wrote:

The ISO, lens and aperture are identical. The focal length differs in an attempt to create images with somewhat the same view.

What you are doing makes no sense. If you want to compare the cameras: Stand in the same spot with everything the same and choose DX crop mode on the D800.

I've used a lot of cameras, including the D300. If you can't see the difference with a D800 I don't see how you can enjoy this hobby. You need some perspective on what it is you want. I have not used the D800, and I have only used my D800E for one day. But these are the greatest cameras ever conceived. You can do DX crop to your hearts content, and with any lens. You can do portraits at 5 by 4. You can do birds and sports at 1.2X because you will crop anyway so why not reduce the file size. You can do landscape with glorious detail. Anything you want to do! Look at the possibilities and apply them to the things you like to photograph.

Scott, I never said that resolution is a substitute for long glass. I would love to have a 500mm f4. If I win the lottery I might get one. But even if I had a 500mm, I still like 36mp better than 12 for birds or sports, and I'm betting I would still use 1.2x crop for a lot of it, and some crop for composition after that. After seeing what the D800E does with birds, I'm pretty sure that right now, today, it is the best camera ever made to photograph wildlife. I haven't done any ball games yet this year, but I do that with a 70-200 + TC (mostly short range stuff), and I bet I will like the D800E better for that just as well. I don't use a tripod for sports, and I shoot crooked more than I shoot level. If you are one of those guys at the end of the football field with a 600mm monster on a tripod, we probably can't communicate.

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