D800 tilted sensor or lens mount?

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D800 tilted sensor or lens mount?

I recently purchased a Nikon 85mm f/1.8. I did my usual testing of the lens, and noticed that if I turn the camera upside down, I get a much larger depth-of-field of my test subject, a view of the city taken from my 6th floor apartment window. The top part of the image, which is further away, is sharp, and the bottom part, which is closer, is also sharp. Hold the camera right side up and almost nothing is sharp wide open.

Originally I wasn't sure if it was the lens or the camera so I sent both in to Nikon for service. My D800 needed fixing for the left AF point issue anyway.

Nikon replaced the camera, and returned the lens saying no problem found. I tested it again on the new camera body. Same problem.

Figuring it must be the lens, I sent it back in to Nikon. They have had it for over three weeks now, and they can't find anything wrong with it, despite extensive testing.

OK, so today I got a new Nikon 50 1.8 lens. And it shows the same problem. I then tested another 50 1.8 I have, which wasn't very good, and which I am returning, and upon closer inspection, I see it also has the same issue.

Now I'm thinking this might be a design or manufacturing problem with the D800, since I am seeing this on two camera bodies. What else could it be?

Anyone else noticed anything similar with their D800?

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