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Hey Clayton,

Clayton1985 wrote:

i maintain that the D800 needs a lower-resolution raw mode. If it had this option then the D800 truly would appeal to all users regardless of skill and finances.

This is something that seems to be repeated quite a bit but I think this is mostly perception and not reality. I think many that own the D800 realize a few things after using it a while:

1) Shooting RAW in FX mode yields large files but they are surprisingly easy to handle including the transfer process, post processing, and storage.

2) Even a reasonably equipped computer is adequate and will not struggle with D800 files.

I'm not so sure. I like the D800 for the improvements it has, but i don't want to be forced to use 36mp. Nikon should have just given an option like Canon do.

3) There are other modes that allow smaller files if you really need it. Several jpg modes, 1.2x, etc. The file size for 1.2x mode is similar to most every current DSLR. I really wonder how much people would notice 1.2x if we didn't have the distinction between FX and DX, etc. You even have differences in APS-C factors with Canon and Nikon.

JPEG modes - i want to shoot raw, not jpeg. You don't need me to tell you why.
Crop modes - i want full-frame, not crop.

The files on a D800 are just huge. There is no getting away from that. It is a total different beast to any other camera on the market. Not only do you have to buy the D800 (which admittedly is a bit of a bargain next to the 5D3) but you then have to invest in better glass, larger memory cards, more processing power and RAM, and also more hard drive space - a lot of this is unnecessary but forced on to you.

I say all this from the perspective of a current Canon shooter (30D) looking to make the move to full-frame. It was the D700 that caught my eye mainly because of its superior focussing system over the Canon 5D2. However the D700 is 4 years old now and i ask myself, are the improvements in the D800 crucial to me? The D800 is tempting, i'm sure i could stretch to it if i had to, but the question is do i want to? And the answer is - i really don't want to because i can't be dealing with 36mp raw files. Now if the D800 had an option for smaller raw files like the Canon systems do, then i'm pretty certain i'd talk myself into just saving up for the D800 and be done with it.

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