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The Full House Syndrome
In reply to ConanFuji, May 8, 2012

This member went on to reply to my explanation.
He even went on to give this Syndrome a name.
Here's his post on the challenge page of 'People In The Park':

(ConanFuji) Well when you put it that way, I can understand it. Most definitely. What you are describing is what you could call the "Full House Syndrome" (as in the TV show from the 80s-90s). My own wife just went through a phase of wanting to watch Full House DVDs every night for HOURS upon returning home from work, and it drove me crazy--anything a kid did was AUTOMATICALLY superior & of a higher priority than the adults' lives. Oh my goodness, I could hardly stand it.

If THAT is what you are trying to prevent, I couldn't agree with you more, and my apologies for not getting it the 1st time.*

ConanFuji wrote:

Another member asked me about my rule on kiddie shots.

"Okay, not to grumble too much, but can someone PLEASE tell me what is wrong with "minors' being visible in the picture? Please don't propagate the silly myth that taking photos of kids at the park equals being a pervert."

And my answer is below:

I wonder who is the one doing the propagation of perverted thoughts. I don't have problems with kids in photos, I just don't think they have a place in photo challenges, especially those which I'm hosting.

Why? I don't trust the voters to make a good judgement on pics with cute kids.

Their brains get scrambled and they go all...'Aawwww... That's so cute. I'm going to give it a 5 star cos it reminds me of my own son/baby girl/niece/my neighbors kid'

Another similiar hypothetical example would be say in a hypothetical Idols talent competition. If there is no age limit, you can have a situation a supertalented lady who can sing like Amy Whinehouse ends up losing to some 3 year old toddler with no front teeth singing 'Rudolph the red nose reindeer'.

Thats why shows like American Idol puts an age limit to maintain the credibility of the contest. Otherwise it's a JOKE!!!

Some serious photographers who vote, also had also complained of having to wade past dozens of shots of someone's ugly looking kids. If I can putI a stop to this nonsense , why not.
Nip it in the bud..

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