EM-5 short impressions II

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Raist3d wrote:

  • I was able to trip the AF a few more times in lower light. Part of some of those shots, I noticed is the square focus area. Turns out you can pick a smaller area but you have to enter this mode to reduce the square (or assign it to the record button), then you can press on the LCD to enter the mode and use the smaller square.

You can make that easier: Turn off Release on the touchscreen so that it will only focus on touch. That way you touch the screen to choose a focus point and get instant access to the zoom slider (right edge) and Magnify control (lower right corner).

If you use a Fn button to start Magnify (Fn2's Multifunction already includes that) then you can also use the screen for zooming and switching by simply touching the edge/corner areas right after pushing the button.

One thing to look out for: If you want to use the screen for focusing, you need to keep the finger on screen until focus is acquired, else it will cancel as soon as your finger leaves the screen (but keeps the focus point area).

I don't know why Olympus thought that having this as a special mode you can kick out so easily was such a good idea. This mode can be kicked out relatively easily and it is indeed different from the normal AF "grid" of auto focus points that are bigger. I still don't understand what was the intent of the designers here- I rather have the smaller square active until I reset it at "all times."

Maybe because in practice it is still more of a Magnify/zoom feature than a focus area size feature. You can make the area smaller by increasing magnification, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the auto-focus will behave much different. I had test shots where I set the smallest square way off from a foreground object to an area where it only covered a far away background tree and it would still focus on the foreground object.

Going to the other side towards the very edge of the screen did work on the other hand. I suspect this has to do with the fact that the the large frame's center cannot be moved as close towards the edge as the small one. So the overall behavior is a bit inconsistent and not necessarily worth the hassle. But using the touchscreen for focus only at least makes access easier.

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