OMD Buyers: Don't Forget Your FREE Accessories!!!!

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Re: OMD Buyers: Don't Forget Your FREE Accessories!!!!
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That's what they told me when I called Oly USA customer service. But...cuz I'm so wonderful...I called the support # on the rebate form, and they backed YOU up...the form MUST be postmarked by June 15 (not June 29...that's when it must ARRIVE by). NO exceptions/grace period!!

SO, I called Olympus USA back (again, ain't I great?) & they didn't get into the rebate details...she just said "EVERYTHING will be out by then". Apparently they're getting TONS of stuff every day, and she can't see how anyone who orders anything by May 31 won't get their merch delivered by June 15.

Of course, it's up to YOU guys to make sure that happens. First, don't wait until May 31 to order stuff. Again, you can't order your camera & accessory from one vendor, then panic cuz your vendor can't seem to get the accessory, so you then order that from someone else who has it in stock: they all need to be purchased at one vendor.

Finally, everyone DOES have "an out"; you can simply return the accessory (and/or the camera) if something happens that prevents you from getting the rebate. For that reason, I'd recommend buying from vendors that won't charge you a re-stocking fee.

Thanks for doubting me, Vasyl...this might have prevented some rebate 'issues'.!!

Vasyl Tsvirkunov wrote:

whoodle wrote:

-If the camera/kit and/or the accessory you choose is on backorder at your vendor, they WILL honor the rebate, even if the items arrive so late that you are unable to mail in your rebate form by the June 29 deadline.

Are you sure about that? Given the situation with backorders I was concerned about this. These rebates are usually handled by third parties and those don't care if it is a camera or a pillow set, they only verify the numbers: too late - your problem.

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