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Billx08 wrote:

Wellington100 wrote:

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I had a couple of plays with this Nikon last week in some camera stores. Its definitely impressive. The camera is physically small and light, I love the Nikon menu system and when you crank up that 1000mm lens, it zooms and zooms and then....it zooms some more. I have seen photos on the Nikon forum and they look good at 1000mm.

The button driven zoom never bothered me in the least because I am used to that from my F300. In fact the control of the Nikon zoom speed was much better than my F300.

Still, my basic thought process is that the OP is looking for a superzoom backup for the X10 and my thinking is that a F770 is the perfect backup because (a) it uses the same tech as the X10, hence zero learning curve and (b) its pocketable and so really is a viable backup rather than an alternative when one is going out for the day with one's camera.

I agree that the F770 would be a good choice, but more as a companion, a complementary camera to the X10. Unfortunately it wouldn't be a backup except in the most limited sense, and it's really more of a superzoom pretender than a superzoom these days unless its image quality is much better at the longest focal lengths than previous EXR compacts. The P510 appears to easily beat the HS30 and XS-1 at the long end, so as good as the F770 is at its maximum focal length, the P510 would probably crush it for detail and image quality.

The problem as I see it is that the F770 would be a good camera to take when a much larger camera would be inconvenient to carry, but the X10 isn't a large camera, so why give up the image quality for only a small edge in convenience? Being smaller than the HX30 and XS-1 while at the same time delivering better image quality at long focal lengths, the P510 would appear to be the better choice unless the OP plans on doing a lot of 600mm+ shooting in low light. But if the OP wants his "backup" to be a Fuji, I think that the HS30EXR is the better choice, and it's a much better value than the XS-1.

My feeling is that with the F770, you can painlessly carry both cameras on you at the same time so the F770 functions as the missing zoom range when the X10 is not long (or wide) enough. I see carrying the F770 as a compact version of carrying around a Nikon 70-300 VR zoom together with an SLR and kit lens. Its there when you need it.

I do this sometimes, I may carry my Nikon D40 with just a 16-85 or a fisheye and I chuck the F300 into a pocket for the times I need the missing focal length. It is a bit odd and I have not come across anyone else with this habit

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