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Re: NX20: USer guide in English online
In reply to Ian Leach, May 8, 2012

I read your post and I repeated that you need to change your settings and understandings of what this forum is. It's not anything more than a gear and spec forum, which brings its own baggage. If you want a nice forum, there are others and it usually coincides with them being about the photos, rather than the gear. ie: flickr and other places.

If you accept this as a gear forum, you will accept it with the baggage it creates.

Ian Leach wrote:

Did you actually read my post, I said it's OK to talk about gear, I do that. But what is the point moaning about something which is clearly not your cup of tea, just leave it be. Do you hang around the Casio forum listing what's wrong with their cameras or Kodak? You don't fool anyone with your convoluted arguments about your motives, you just enjoy pulling peoples chains.

snake_b wrote:

Because it's a gear forum and people will talk about specs, the gear, the technical aspects, and so on. In fact, there's even one on this forum that talks more about the gear than most anyone else and always pretends he's in the market for various cams, only recently revealing he's never so much as seen an NX200, let alone, is willing to even go to a store and hold it in hand, but he feels qualified enough to talk endlessly about the performance and dispute negative accounts made by people who have used one.

If you're asking questions about gear, then it's fine because this is a gear forum. But when you're looking for everyone to be nice to each other, talk about the pictures, and so on, you're on the wrong forum because those are incidental to the spec sheets. This forum is only designed to sell specs, discuss specs and technical aspects. Secondary has always been the pictures. There are other forums for that, most notably, photo forums for cameraphones let the pics do the talking.

Ian Leach wrote:

Once again I’ve been psychoanalysed wrongly. There is nothing wrong with asking questions about gear, I often do that. The issue I have is why people are hanging around this forum when the gear is so clearly not what they wish for. I picked the NX10 because it was the nearest camera to my needs and mostly still is; on the other hand you have a camera like the Nikon V1 which is not my cup of tea at all. But I don’t hang around the Nikon forum listings all the ways it falls down in my opinion; I let them happily get on it.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions about a camera you generally like but what’s the point of banging on about one you don’t.

snake_b wrote:

Not really. This forum hasn't got too long of a history and the fact is, this is one of many gear forums, but people seem to be unable to comprehend that. With gear discussions come the people with a "team" mentality, zealotry, and arguments about specs and defending purchase decisions as if personal attacks were made.

If this was a photography forum, where the photos were king, things would be different. So I think you're looking for Flickr discussions.

This is simply the nature of these forums and I think you're mistaken about what it is about.

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