E-M5: Face Detection quirks

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Timur Born
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Re: E-M5: Face Detection quirks
In reply to Anders W, May 7, 2012

Anders W wrote:

Sorry to hear about your troubles ... but they all sound, to me, like good reasons for having you rather than the camera decide about important things like focus and exposure.

As a beginner the exposure part will still be hard, the focus part is a problem because of the ever moving nature of the subject. Because of that I was hoping for good face detection, especially with the eye detection feature and I will keep trying to get the best out of it. A 45/1.8 is on its way, I'm curious whether the shallow DOF will make things worse or the faster aperture will make things better.

As to flash, I rarely use one but would bounce it if I could, use a diffuser if I couldn't and not let the camera decide the balance between available light and flash light.

I am waiting for the FL-600R to arrive on market. It's quite expensive, though. 399 EUR on list and the least expensive offer still is 335 EUR (incl. VAT). One of the reasons I will try the 45 instead of the 25 is that it leaves enough money for the flash.

But even with the clip-on flash the camera could make better decisions. It tries to keep ISO down and instead fires the flash at high power when it detects a face and thus shifts metering to the face area. Without face detection the flash is fired with less power at higher ISO. The Fuji cameras do that on their own in order to keep natural skin tones and less of that overflashed + tunnel appearance.

If I know you right, you'll have no difficulty learning how to take commmand over your camera to the extent that you haven't done so already.

Understanding functions and quirks doesn't replace photographic experience, though. And using manual ISO just for softer flash is something I'd rather avoid.

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