Giro d'Enmark 3rd stage - testing the prime-trio (7.5mm, 25mm, 45mm)

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Giro d'Enmark 3rd stage - testing the prime-trio (7.5mm, 25mm, 45mm)
May 7, 2012

Denmark has been annexed by Italy, but before you start an anti-fascist movement ASAP, relax, it was only for three days and voluntarily. Actually, I believe some serious lobbying had to take place in order to 'persuade' the Italians to start the Giro with a 3000km detour.

Anyway, since the route passed nearby, I decided it was a good opportunity to go for a shoot with my new prime-trio, The Samyang 7.5mm, PL 25, and the Oly 45mm. I'm very much a zoom-shooter, hence it was a somewhat unusual experience not being able to rotate the lens, but actually had to move my ar$e back and forth - and God forbid - change lenses...

Anyway, nothing special, just a few snaps, all processed in LR (which I'm not used to).

Samyang, stereographic correction according to kenw's excellent presets. Yup, that's my mitt in the frame, probably the most noobish error one can imagine.. Indeed, I'm not used to UWA shooting :s

This is the infamous ascend to the highest point in Denmark... (not kidding) Note, the Citro├źn is a local 'rebel', being chased off the course by the police car (in the tunnel). For some reason, the Oly 45 always gave me warmer WB readings, not sure why (it's been lowered by around 500 Kelvin).

In aperture priority (f1.4), I kept blowing the highlights when the sun was suddenly present. Guess I'll have to get an ND filter, but initially, I'll try to get by with an oldschool porlarizer (that loses almost 2 stops).

Yes, it's insane but it actually pays to install solar panels in DK - not because of the sun, but due to world record in green taxes.

I picked a spot with a distinct background (a church) and started practicing different AF modes. This is the 3rd frame in a burst with AF-C. The first two were completely off, but the rear wheel actually looks OK in this frame. Could have been worse, suppose a newer body would cope better (the GH1 still has the lower readout speed of the sensor).

Here I MF'ed at the mark (the bunch of dandelions) framed with the LCD at a low height and kept my eyes on the riders.

Here's the proof of the Italian troops.

In the last second, I decided to go for the Oly 45mm after all, in order to get a bit more working distance, but a few riders were on the move. Of course, I goofed since I didn't move back in time...

I didn't know when the rest of the riders would come, hence went for the 'soft' method and changed the aspect ration from 16:9 to 4:3. Quite nifty feature, makes primes more versatile (zooms can usually be zoomed out and cropped to taste.

There was a toddler waving to the motorcyclists in his fathers arms (you can see the father), 95% of the cops waved back, less then 10% of the Giro crew.. Anyway, the cops are well regarded in this country.

Then the field passed, of course, I goofed since I blew the main part of the buffer (in RAW it's quite limited) and the card I used was rather slow. But I got this shot, which turned out close to what I 'previsualized'.

Just around the corner, this is a lookout tower from the second highest and 4th tallest point in Denmark. (drum-roll) 170m...

This is actually the highest point, a few hundred meters in the distance, somewhere in those trees. When the tower was built, they didn't realize this point is 2 meters higher... Btw, the two tallest points in DK are the pylons of the Great Belt suspension bridge, hehe.

This is one of the four stone age grave-hills at the highest point. Again, this is the Samyang, I'm a bit disappointed the exif data cannot record the f-number, never mind the lens name. But I'm definitely not disappointed by the lens... I've never had a lens this wide, but I can tell this is a keeper!

I'm most impressed with the 'prime-trio'. While the DSLR guys came with rucksacs and trolleys, the two primes not in use fit easily in a minute belt pooch. I've owned the 20/f1.7 for a short time, but sold if off due to the slow AF time and the only so-so boke. With a soap bar body, I would definitely have kept it (excellent sharpness, tiny size) but for a faux-dslr body, it doesn't make sense having the PL25.

Anyway, the riders will take a plane to Italy and continue the Giro. Most of the places the route touched, were covered in pink (the colour of the jersey the leader has in the Giro, like the yellow jersey in Tour de France). The locals loved it, except for the death of the mayor (56) of the host city... He participated in an amateur race yesterday on the very same route, but went into the ditch with a heart attack..

C&C is welcome of course. Btw, in your opinion, which of these pictures would have benefited from additional DR?

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