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Whereas I rely on the D700 for many things, and it has excellent AF performance, I grab the Fuji whenever I can for hobby photography. OK, it wont replace the D700 for gigs and events where reaction times (and a good zoom) are important, but for just about everything else it's a joy.

BUT you can't use it like a DSLR. You can't wave it in the general direction of something and expect it to focus and blast off a bunch of frames when you mash the button, or expect the (non-existent) VR to provide steady shots at 1/20s.

The focus works very differently from CDAF. This has pros and cons.


If you are not VERY precise with the focus point and don't use a suitable target it can miss or focus on the foreground or background. This is especially true for distant objects at infinity where detail is quite hard to find and the foreground can be distracting. It also happens for small foreground objects which are smaller than the AF point.

The cure in the former case is to use MF mode, in which case the AE/AF lock button actually becomes the AF button, and you can press the dial to get a quick magnified view to check. I use the same button arrangement on my D700 so I can recompose and re-meter without affecting AF, so it feels natural.

In the second case, I use the EVF and the smallest focus point. It's so easy to switch it's no issue really.

In low light macro mode, the 60mm has very narrow DOF and sometimes cannot find enough contrast to lock. I don't use macro mode much, but a FW upgrade would help.

Having said that I have very few focus misses on my D700 but my D7000 was another issue. Some subjects threw it completely. I have found a way to get accurate focus with the Fuji in all situations.


No more fiddling with lens adjustment, no more focus shift with fast lenses, razor sharp centre focus at wide apertures. PDAF is completely self-corrected since the AF is measured at the sensor. Focus correctly and it works brilliantly.

No mirror slap. No need for mirror-up - a decent tripod and a cable release is all you need for razor sharp low light work.

So many options. Being able to use the EVF, OVF and LCD when you want, all rapidly interchangeable, gives you so many more ways to compose. Its just a matter of choosing the right one.

Like I said handling this camera is a joy. It is NOT a DSLR replacement, but by the same token a D700 is a lump if all you are doing is travel or artistic work. It will produce IQ which compares well with the D700 at high ISO and has better DR and detail at low ISO. Yes, the AF can take a bit of practice, but it's more about understanding and working with it than an actual fault. It just works differently.

And it is SO much lighter.

Shutter lag is not an issue, nor are shot-to-shot times. The shutter is lovely and quiet. If there is a lag it can take quite a while to review a shot. Chimping is a bit frustrating. Fast card helps.

I also think a lot of people probably underestimate the resolution available. Without VR, and with the 1.5X multiplier, you REALLY need to watch the shutter speed. I aim for 2X focal length if possible. I wonder how many people think the focus is out but it's really camera shake.

I have not "moved" to the Fuji, but I have shot about 10 frames with the D700 since buying the Fuji, and about 2000 frames with the Fuji. I just prefer using it. By a mile. I will keep the Nikon for those gigs where I know the Fuji wont keep up but everything else.... no competition.

MattiusGB wrote:

Hi folks - I know the D700 and X-Pro1 are different beasts. I'm currently a D700 owner and have been very intrigued by the Fuji for casual travel, family and event shots. I always believe there is nothing better than personal experience when judging cameras (as opposed to 10 minutes in a shop). So, the question is, has anyone either moved from a D700/ high end DSLR to the Fuji or found they use the Fuji more than their DSLR? I hear concerns about shutter lag, slow times between shots and auto focus being slow, especially in low light. In the real world, is this much of an issue eg for moving kids etc?

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