Leica M9 informal test

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Tom Caldwell
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Re: Leica M9 informal test
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So I only try to summarise what others who have tried the M9-P have said and is clearly stated by them, not me, in the article that is easy enough for all to read. I point out that there is some angst by them that the the M9 body is a bit antiquated and there is a moan that there is no other M mount camera body about, something that completely overlooks the existence of the GXR A12 mount.

I have no experience of the Leica camera body but I have some "cheap" Leica lenses. Maybe I should mortgage the house some more and get some better Leica lenses, I might just do that based on the general recommendations. But I have not the least bit of desire to ever own a M9-P based on what all of the informal testers have agreed upon. Maybe I don't know what I am missing ... I hope they have some upcoming good news from Berlin. Ye gads! a modern camera that immediately makes all M9-P models obsolete ....

However it is a case of "good enough" and the GXR with A12 mount is good enough for me, I have no further aspirational problems. And yes the OM-D might blow the GXR outof the water but then it might not, however it might just blow the M9 out of the water as well.

So whilst I might look at the OM-D from professional interest. I had the chance to paw over an M9 in a shop just recently but it was easy enough to resist the urge. And that was before the informal group review article was posted.

So why bother panning the GXR if it is so bad? I guess I will just have to manage ... sob (grin).

I am also very happy that those who own an M9-P have the pinnacle of camera performance in their hands and I am sure that they fully appreciate it. In the end it is the camera that does the job to any individual's satisfaction, the one that you hold in your hand, that is important. I like buying cheap lenses and mastering them, much more interesting than owning gear that cannot ever go wrong. I also like hitting myself on the head with a lump of wood, I guess I will have to accept that I am crazy.

Sometimes it is best not to know what you are missing.

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Tom Caldwell

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