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Re: Leica M9 informal test
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SphericalAberration wrote:

Sorry Tom, concerning the M9 , you've been spending too much time browsing the web and not enough hands on time if any with the M9.

The GXR-M mount is further behind evolutionally speaking than the M9 - if you want to use Leica M lenses. If reusing legacy SLR lenses is your goal - then yes the GXR is a reasonable choice.

However the m43 lens selection and bodies are now so good - it's time to retire those legacy lenses and stop the agony of crop factors stealing the wide angles.

The optical RF on the M9 is such a pleasure to use - I cannot say that about the GXR EVF. I bought the M9 after the GXR as the GXR was to too slow to focus and frame on the streets.

If the EVF was brighter and integrated with the magnified view actually showing more pixel rather than larger pixels, it would be more of a contender.

Right now the OMD EM5 really does blow the GXR out of the water in just about every area. It's high ISO performance is ahead of the GXR and on par with the M9 up to about 800 after which the EM5 is the clear winner.

ISO setting on the M9 is easy - there is a dedicated button

The LCD on the M9 suffers mostly not from lack of pixels, but because it is absolutely useless in the sun - if only it had the GRD IV's screen.

Ricoh is in trouble : it's not marketing they need - it's better hardware : the GXR is tired, the Pentax Q a flop and the K-01 desperate.
If you were in the driving seat - what would you have them make next ?

expand image to show GXR.

Hi Donald,

you own all these camera really. You must be really happy to use these gourgous products. I see every camera is wearing Leica glass so you must be a Leica fan of course. If I have the money I would also have all of them but at the moment I can´t afford.

I have the GXR at the moment and what you wrote about is not the best but I must agree with the most points. For me it is a great tool at the moment but off course it could be better.

The EVF and different modes I/II to focus are inferior vs a real rangefinder and here I think Ricoh has to do anything. The sensor of GXR mount and the Lensors A12 28 mm A12 50mm are still very good and Ricoh has done a great job two years ago and some may have noticed that but the didn´t buy including me because the price was very high.

For me it is important that the camera in combination with the lens can produce sharp pixels which are IMO responsible for good quality pictures. Sharp pixels can be seen in noisy pictures from M9 and GXR and for me that is really Ok. Cameras with a weak AA Filter or without can produce that. What I don´t like are smeary meshup looking pictures without that 3D look.

The words you say sound very emotional because you are very pleased with your new cameras. Would you sell your GXR now? Are the images of the OMD really that much better in every respect that the camera will blow away the GXR. I can´t imagine.

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