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I don't see a hybrid model coming
In reply to Rriley, May 7, 2012

For quite some time there has been talk about a "hybrid M4/3" camera that could use 4/3 lenses. And while this sounds like a good idea, I think it will never come to pass.

We really must get past the notion that M4/3 and 4/3 can ever be "one beautiful system." This is marketing hype, with no relation to reality. The simple fact is that most 4/3 lenses just aren't suited for the the small M4/3 cameras.

First of all... most will not autofocus quickly.... unless you were to add some sort of large adapter that includes a mirror (like the Sony Alpha adapter for NEX). But when you do that, your small, light camera becomes an ungainly beast.

Second.. and along the same lines.... most M4/3 lenses are simply too large and heavy for these tiny cameras. If you doubt this, then try attaching a 70-300mm 4/3 lens to a M4/3 camera. It's just not an ergonomic dream.

Third... it is wrong to imagine that the M4/3 market consists of 4/3 users. The M4/3 market is much, much larger. In fact I'd be the majority of of M4/3 users never owned or even touched a 4/3 camera.

What we really have is "two beautiful systems." You can use one, or both, but they are not the same thing. The only thing they have in common is sensor size. In almost every other respect they are totally incompatible. Calling them "one beautiful system" because they have the same sensor size would be like calling Pentax, Nikon and Sony "the same system" because they all share the same Sony APSC sensors.

And yes,,,, I am aware that a small handful of 4/3 lenses can work pretty well on M4/3 cameras if you buy a $150 adapter and don't mind the extra weight and size. But M4/3 cameras are best suited with M4/3 lenses, which is why we now have 28 of them.

I think 50,000 units of anything qualifies for mass market production. You don't need to make millions to get economies of scale. True, the more you sell the cheaper the production costs get, but 50,000 is enough to be profitable.

How many Ricoh GXR users do you suppose there are?
Do you suppose Fuji will sell millions of X1-Pro cameras?
I bet there are ten times more 4/3 users.

Olympus should bring out an E7 as fast as they can. They will make a lot of profit on them because there really is almost no new R&D cost involved, and most parts already exist. And by marketing this camera they can achieve some good will with all the customers they screwed. And perhaps keep them as customers a little longer.
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