Kind of scared to post this...7D focus problems

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Re: Don't use Servo with static shots - use one shot
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Mark, funny you mention that.

I found the same thing when I started using my 7d. I used to have a 40D before that and I pretty much just left the camera in AI Servo all the time and never had a problem (my newer 60D works this way as well). But when I started using my 7D I had the exact same experience you described. Was out shooting stationary waterfowl one day and came back to find I had missed a lot more shots than expected.

Initially I was a little frustrated and hearing all the "the 7D AF doesn't work" type of stuff started to have me question what was going on. Was it me? The camera? Should I send it back? You know the stuff. Anyway, luckily I just decided to stop reading this forum for a while. I took about 1-2 weeks of just not reading this forum anymore. Funny enough it wasn't the so called fanboys were getting me down but rather all the "all 7D's suck if anyone tells you otherwise they're a fanboy" people. Seriously, I had a brand new camera. Others were taking great shots with it and some of the action shots I had tried were brilliant, so why couldn't I get a good stationary shot all the time. So I sat down with the manual, went online to watch some of those "how to videos" that were posted by canon reps about the 7D, and just learned the little quirks of my camera. Tried it again, this time being more careful/fussy about selecting the correct settings etc, worked a little harder on my long lens technique to avoid motion blurr, et voila, everything worked great. the OP...stick with it. Read your manual carefully and maybe try to be a little more extra careful of choosing the recommended settings and being aware of things that could trip up your AF. Check out the tutorials online below and it might give you some ideas of do's ad don'ts. For me the 7D has proved to be a great camera but it expects more input from the user to get great results. With relation to the shots you posted I would look at things like having sufficient depth of field, keeping the shutter speed high enough to avoid motion blurr, selecting the right AF mode/point, and switching between AI-servo and single shot if the situation changes.

Milage may vary but for me getting away from this zoo of a forum (don't get me wrong...many people here can be very helpful but others just make so much noise they have you questioning which way is up and totally doubting yourself)...and taking the time to explore and understand what works and what doesn't can only make you a better photographer.
Good luck.
Cheers Mike

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