D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 but th

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Re: D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 bu

Luke Kaven wrote:

Peter, here is where you will see the difference. Contrary to what some other posters have written, I feel that you can grow into this camera and that it takes some time to discover what the meaning of working with a high MP sensor is.

In general, here is the operant principle: There will be a level of high-frequency detail in the high MP capture that is retained in a downsampled -- even web-sized -- image, that is not present in a native lower MP capture, even when both are downsampled to the same size.

Again, there is detail that you will be able to still see even after downsampling. There are a few technical reasons for this, having to with with the AA filter on the D300 in comparison to the D800, and having to do with resolution lost to bayer demosaicking in the lower MP capture. You will see more fine detail in the D800 image.

To try this, develop some subjects involving fine grass, twigs, hair, skin, and other fine details up very near to the resolution limit of your fine print size. Yes, even a web sized print qualifies.

What should you look for? The fine hair, skin texture, grasses, twigs, leaves, and fine building details in cityscapes will not only pop out at you more, but also appear to be more finely smoothed, approaching the smoothness of a 3D CGI rendering.

Don't listen to the others who would have you pass qualifying exams in order to own this camera. Let the camera teach you a thing or two as you explore. You're going to have some fun, I promise.

Luke, thanks for the vote of support. My approach to anything else that I have ever done is to go big on the gear if I know that I am in it for the long haul and then learn how to use it. And that is what I am doing now. It has always made me a better performer in the end. And thanks for the technical education

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