D800E vs Leica S2: a detailed comparison

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GMack, ACR doesn't read picture controls. And one reason it doesn't is because in-camera processing is something that Adobe doesn't really subscribe to and finds inferior. I agree.

Give me a monocrome from your camera and NX software. Do absolutely nothing else to it. Then I'll present an ACR version with 1 single tweak at the end of that process and my B&W photo will instantly and discernably be better.

If I want clever little tricks on my RAW images, then I'll use the JPEGs that come out when I have my picture controls set. If I want an unmolested RAW image that I can manage myself, then I can use ACR. If I love the way the little in-camera trick works, then I can use NX2, but I'd rather not. It's much slower than LR or CS. It's like driving around a school bus as compared to a Hummer. They both can get the job done, but one's a lot better in so many ways. Maybe NX3 will finally be upto speed...

ACR scares me for processing Nikon NEF files as it doesn't read them right. Try shooting in Monochrome in your camera's "Picture Controls" and using Adobe CS software: It will open the Monochrome NEF file in Color and not B&W as it should.

Nikon's software, and even freeware IrfanView, will open the Nikon monochrome shot NEF as B&W, but Adobe CS5 won't so it is not reading the info correctly as shot. Neither will Corel's software (i.e. PaintShop Pro X4) as I just checked it too. I don't know what Lightroom 3 or 4 will do (but I thought it was correct at one time?) as I gave up on that program long ago and got rid of it as I don't catalog the way Adobe does (I file by external USB drives to keep main computer free and keeps the Windows Search and Anti-Virus up to speed by not looking and accessing a lot of photos and slowing it down.).

Windows Viewer will see it as B&W if you have the Nikon NEF module loaded, and maybe why IrfanView gets it right too, but one would think Adobe would read the file correctly. Also, DxO Pro Optics 7 will read the NEF monochrome file and open as B&W too.

Adobe ACR is sort of messed up for Nikon RAW files in their CS system. I would expect, if true, that Adobe's moire correction not to be as good as Nikon's software (since it cannot read the files correctly now as it currently is.). Don't know if it is a fair comparison to use ACR since Nikon may have some proprietary info in their files that Adobe isn't hooked into yet (although Capture NX2 is still kludgy and hangs/crashes on large memory issues like "Batch processing" big files where Adobe seems to sail through them. DxO is a slower, but it does more perspective lens things too and I don't know what they have up their sleeve for moire as they haven't published the D800 module yet.


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