I sent my Fuji back :-( part 2.

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Robert Holloway
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What have I started?
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There seem to be two major parts to this discussion

1) Is returning a camera ethically or morally wrong once you've used it for a few days?

I used my camera for about 400 shots. I had no intention of returning it when i purchased it. in fact any quick look through my posts pre April 12th would clearly illustrate that. I fall into the majority of returned cases where I discovered that the camera did not work for my personal shooting needs and experience.

If Amazon had not had the return policy I would not have purchased a $2300 camera site unseen. Full stop. I would have waited till I could check out the camera at a store. Now here is a moral dilemma. if you check out a camera in store, do you buy it there or same at least 10-15% ($230-$300) on buy it on line. The challenge for me is that I am super busy at work and with my volunteer efforts and do not have the time to spend a day trying to find a retailer who stocks this specialist camera. On April 12th, nobody in the Bay Area had the camera - including Calumet.

2) Is this having an impact upon prices for the rest?

Of course. But so is marketing. If you took this argument to a ludicrous extreme you could argue that it's wrong to market a product because the 6-10% spent on marketing raises prices.

The point being missed by many here is that Amazon having a generous return policy enables them to sell truck loads of stuff and have very competitive prices. It also means that people will jump from conventional retailers to an online model because of increased confidence.

In Conclusion

a) Amazon and other smart retailers know the return rate for each product category and drive conversion with generous returns policies and discounts.

b) The cost of a return is not as high as you might think. Amazon or Fuji recovers COGS and makes a profit on returned cameras because shipping costs are low and margins can cover that cost.

c) Amazon is not making decisions based on morals or ethics. It's about profit within the law of the land and the expectations of their users. They understand their business more than 99.9% of the punters here. Trust me, if it did not make commercial sense they would not do it.

d) Not one photo in this almost 200 post thread - so let me sign off with a picture and a thought. The Fuji is an epic camera in the right hands. Mine were not right.

The first shot was taken on the Fuji and there is no editing beyond a slight crop. A family saw this shot on our rescue website and immediately adopted Bokeh (yes I named her that). One nil to the Fuji. It helped save a dogs life.

The second shot was a quick test snap

The third simply blew our pro photographer away. he uses a 5d2 witha 70-200 f2.8L. Color and AWB were his comments. Amazing

Have fun

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