70-300VR and Kenko 1.4X teleplus pro DG on D200/D7K

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Re: Are teleconverters necessary with digital?
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I am only an amateur, doing this again last six monthsso what I say, pinch of salt.

Teleconverters were always known for cutting the light coming in and reducing the f-stop of the combination.

That is the first downside.

Secondly, the lens makers designed the lens optimally for its range, adding teh TC changes that, giving more reach but cutting the optimisation.

So, TC's were more used for primes tha could take the cut in light. Zooms were not good enough optically anyway to add TC's, but some sem excellent now (for $$$$ though).

I personally would not put a TC on a cheaper budget zoom.

Review sites like photozone and Lenstip tell you which prime lenses do well with TC's (and which zooms).

Gnenerally, fast primes should do well with TC's, any 2.8 or wider prime (or even f4 for a 1.4 TC).

Further, now with digital cropping to achieve the same effect, are TC's really necessary, still viable and good for fast rpime compatibility, but not necessary for cheap zooms, mainyl because of the light cut off.

I would think investment in a camera that has good megxpixels for cropping (and you have a D7000), is better if you go that route regularly.

Just my opinion.

I hav a D5000, with the 18-200, find that cannot crop the long end too much, loss of detail.

I have two solutions, get a better tele prime or zoom (intnend both) and later a higher MP camera (to crop for sports at the long end).

The optins nowadays are way more than the old days of film. Ditigal is amazing.

.....Just from an amateur......'Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.”

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