I sent my Fuji back :-(

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Re: Great insight!
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How can one ever be sure they'll like something? So insane.

Some people don't live in areas they can try stuff before they buy. What they should just not buy stuff?

The rest is conjecture. You may well be right, or wrong. But the policy is there. If you have a problem with it, talk to Amazon. They apparently have safeguards already in place for abusers.

dzeanah wrote:

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

Thanks, Robert - totally supports what I've been saying, i.e., it's part of Amazon's (very successful) business model.

Now, how do you address these people here who consider it an ethical issue?? They argue that it's the consumer's responsibility to do research prior to purchase, and buying and returning as part of a "free trial" is somehow not moral (????)

I've stayed out of the argument, but I think I can explain this one simply:

  • User buys a camera he's not sure about. Uses it for 3 weeks and ~ 2,000 shutter actuations.

  • User sends this back to the vendor.

  • Value is now decreased by ~ 30%. I doubt the margin on this camera was this high to begin with though I may be mistaken.

  • The retailer may choose to sell it used and take a loss on the unit.

  • On the other hand, the retailer may sent it back to the manufacturer. In this case the manufacturer needs to receive it, pay folks to test it and inspect it, repackage the thing, and send it back out as a refurbished unit.

  • I wouldn't be shocked to learn that in either case the best case situation is for the vendor and/or retailer to break even on the sale. It's a low margin world, after all.

So, someone that habitually buys stuff he doesn't intend to keep (or isn't sure of) is costing some company money. This means that in order for these businesses to succeed they'll need to make money somewhere, which means increased margins for everyone. People like me are likely paying a few dollars more per X Pro 1 so others can use them for 3 weeks, say "but it's not entirely perfect for me," and send it back.

That seems to be a moral issue. Or at least, the user who routinely does this is causing negative externalities that the rest of us are having to pay for, and some are reacting to that.

If I'd not liked the X Pro 1 outfit I would have resold it, not returned it. I've got shoes I bought that were the wrong size that I didn't return to amazon.

If you're not sure you'll like it, buy from a vendor where you can actually handle the thing first. That's what display models are for. Not new merchandise.

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