I sent my Fuji back :-(

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Re: OMG what have I done - the world is spinning out of control
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Aww, man this is a good day!

Am I a chopsteeks "fanboy" if i start agreeing with him/her?

chopsteeks wrote:
It is not meant to be a backhanded compliment...but a sincere one....

Got nothing against you .... you got your opinion....I respect that, I got mine...

RealXenuis wrote:

OMG I THINK 'steeks just gave me a compliment! Sure, a backhanded one, but I'll take it!!!

chopsteeks wrote:
Generate so much garbage.....

C'mon man, you have been on this board for a while now. You know when you posted your original ----- Fuji X-Pro1 going back, then you follow that up with this ---- version II ----- I sent my X-Pro1 back....that you will get a rise from people that will defend X-Pro1 ----- regardless of its shortcomings.

Likewise you will get people who have not put X-PRo1 on a pedestal chiming in.

For some, X-PRO1 and its lenses ------ this is a dream outfit. This offering from Fuji is perhaps the closest some will get into experiencing that 'Leica Experience'...a very wise move in my opinion as Leica's are perhaps the most overpriced system in the photo world.

For some, like RealGenius....this is a technical goldmine. The guy sure loves to talk about technical aspects of the digital world ----- though I must say this ---- he is at least one of the more open minded fanboys on this board. He does know technical stuff....way over my head in this area.

Let me just talk about the AF limitation of this camera...

For folks who claimed to have shot the Leica film cameras....or film rangefinder, AF is not a concern with them. Heck those Leica's and most film rangefinders were manual focus.....so the AF is a big step for them.

Shutter Chatter ----- I can't hear if I do not listen to it...

Size of the body ----- want a small body ?.....get one of those Oly m/3rd offerings..or simply get a p&s...

I am considered a troll on this board ----- simply to counter the over zealous fanboys that are quick to rise against other posters that have not given their 100% bill of approval.

Will I buy one of this ? Nope....not yet.

I will wait till Fuji improves this camera ----- more likely X-PRO2

Do I have anything against Fuji ?

Not even close ----- I shoot 4x5 cameras ---- I am a big fanboy of Fujinon lenses.....all my 4x5 lenses are Fujinons....

Fuji has made some legendary lenses ..... the lenses for Hasselblads, their X-Pan lenses.......their large format lenses will not a back seat to any of the German ones.

I am also a big fanboy of rangefinder film cameras....my everyday camera is a Contax G2 and its superb lenses.

BTW, Fuji X-PRO1 body is almost a carbon copy of Contax G2 body.....

I also shoot Mamiya 7II ---- with perhaps the sharpest medium format lenses in this format.

But Robert, I do respect your decision to return it.....you gave it a GO but found out this is not for you. You are one of the most honest posters on this board...

Hope you find the tool that best meets your needs !!

Robert Holloway wrote:

Hi everyone,

When I. Made this post I had no idea that it would generate so much garbage. Let me address some points.

1) Amazon

They have. Retun policy like this because it makes sense. I am in their business in my work life and it makes sense. They do NOT sell used equipment as new. Silly rabbits. If you think that this is an ethical or moral discussion you do nothing more than discredit your intelligence.

2) Chatter

I did not even bother with the firmware upgrade as it was irrelevant to me. Never an issue.

3) The camera

In the right hands or with the person with the right needs this is an epic camera. I was heart broken to see it go because it's output in many situations is better than our 5D2 and L lenses. My decision was driven by my photographic needs. A camera is a tool. Anyone who buys a drill to saw wood is crazy and should return it.

4) My motivation to post

Got seriously into this forum and for a while sat as the top poster. Quite a few people here who I like and respect photographically. The X pro 1 is an astonishing camera for certain styles of photography.

What next for me?

Back to the world of Canon and wait on the sidelines for May 10th for the world of red dots


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