Nikon Denies All AutoFocus Problems

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Re: Nikon Denies All AutoFocus Problems
In reply to Bruce Bracken, May 4, 2012

Sorry that you experience the same BS from Nikon.

Like you, I sent in some sample images taken at ISO 320 with 1/320 shutter speed showing severe OOF taken with the left focus point, and some sample images showing tack sharp focus with middle focus point or LV. What I got back from Nikon is this straight up denial BS:

"Hello Mr. xxx,

Thank you for attaching your sample images.

After evaluating them, we have found that they are completely in focus. As you previously mentioned, this issue was only coming up when shooting looking through the viewfinder. The live view mode and the view finder have different ways of focusing, one is based on contrast and the other one based on distance. This may be the reason why some times you get slightly different results.

We would suggest you better light conditions and/or using a tripod. Also VR would help.


Bruce Bracken wrote:

I have been in weeks-long discussions with Nikon Support, have provided them many examples of the AutoFocus problems, video issues, and other miscellaneous problems, all detailed and iterated by many others on this forum and elsewhere on the net.

I received the typical "dunno" responses from the first tier of support, and when the ticket was escalated, David Dentry, General Manager of Customer Relations at Nikon, stated that there are no problems with the AutoFocus nor are there any problems with the "broadcast" video quality.

So, even though other tiers of Nikon Support have told me that, without a doubt, there are problems with AutoFocus and that I should send it in, and even though there are widespread reports from numerous other Nikon D4/D800 owners with these same problems, David Dentry, General Manager of Customer Relations at Nikon, is denying these AutoFocus problems. And all other problems. Essentially, Nikon is willing to take all of our money, and give us back a steaming pile of BS.

As a working professional who has invested more than $20k in Nikon gear, I can see now that I have made a huge mistake.

"Mr Bracken,

I'm David Dentry, General Manager of Customer Relations for Nikon your issue has been escalated to me for review. I do understand that it's frustrating when a new product doesn't meet expectations. However, I've reviewed your samples and they seem to be within the standards for the D4.

In the Crop Mode the video is recorded 1:1 at a pixel level and will always give the best results. At other settings there are different types of interpolation applied to reduce the sensor pixels to the video resolution and as such sharpness or detail will be lost .

Regarding the focus issues, the viewfinder focus points, LCD Image Review focus points software displayed focus points and actual autofocus sensors may not match 100% across the different platforms. It's completely normal to see some variance, especially in test conditions. Live View focusing uses a different type of focus system and will generally produce superior focus on the exact spot requested.

Based on the samples you've provide we feel your camera to be working within specifications, but the only way to tell for sure is to have our service technicians have a look so if you'd like to send it in we'd be happy to evaluate it. Thanks you for the time.


David Dentry
General Manager, Customer Relations
Nikon Inc."

I provided Nikon with a number of examples proving this AutoFocus problem. Here are but two to make the point.

Live View - target in focus.

Viewfinder - target out of focus, and object 3 inches behind target in focus.

These two images prove the problem explicitly. Nikon can shove it.

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