i feel like people always downplay megapixels

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Re: i feel like people always downplay megapixels
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Starshot wrote:

It surprises me how often people talk bad about the want for more megapixels...

maybe you're the type of person that just sees a picture as a picture, or prints..

but if you're like me I want to use my camera as somewhat of a microscope. I LOVE seeing detail, very small detail in things.

Interesting. I have to confess that I've always been the type of person who sees a picture as a picture. I take time before pressing the shutter release to decide what scene elements I want to include; I've roamed around a bit to find the best vantage point; maybe I've returned to the spot at a different time of day to get a different angle of light. The end product is everything I've decided to include at the time of shooting, and what I composed in the field is what I want to see on my viewing device. I've never understood the desire to crop a picture later (unless one's viewfinder is inaccurate and you get some unwanted surprises along the borders), much less to zoom in on details rather than view the picture as originally composed. However, if that's what makes photography fun for you, and additional megapixels increases your pleasure, then that's great.

For me, it's the lack of low resolution settings on some models of camera that take those models off my shopping list. Somewhere around 2 megapixels is what I find works best for me. Most of my family members use the card reader in their television to view/share pictures. At a family event, or when returning from a photo outing, we just take the SD cards out of our cameras and pop them into the television to enjoy. There is no increase in image quality by using more than 2 megapixels, but the card reader slows down considerably if someone shot at 10 megapixels. With the fast internet connections so common today, 2 megapixels has even become a reasonable size for e-mailing images to other family/friends. None of us particularly enjoys fiddling with pictures on a computer after they've been shot, so a camera that lets us shoot at the modest resolution setting we prefer is almost a mandatory feature.

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