(Some) GH2 owners going through Kubler-Ross

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In reply to Detail Man, May 4, 2012

You seem really angry about this. I apologize if this touched a nerve with you as it seems to have.



Detail Man wrote:

zephyrus wrote:

I started this thread and was surprised to see it on the first page again just now. I kind of hoped it would just die and fade away.

Seems like rust never sleeps ...

A lot of people didn't seem to get the humor and thought I was attacking panasonic and/or the GH2. Notice in the original post it says nothing negative about either. It only says the Gh2 may not be the best m43rds camera anymore. I had zero intention of insulting the GH2.

Camera do not have feelings (of this I am confident). People, on the other hand (much like yourself) have rather debatably sound tendency to hitch their personal self-esteem to widgets. You appear to have fallen prey to the same lack of dispassionate objectivity that you so eschew ?

I have never used that camera. I have no clue which is better, the EM-5 or the GH2. I leave that up to the reviewers to decide.

What a supreme (and seemingly uniformed) dodge you now (after the fact) invoke. Seems lame.

I pre-ordered the EM-5 in February and since then have followed the threads about it closely. I was trying to decide whether to keep the pre-order or wait for the reviews. As I ordered a silver body only, it turns out that I didn't have to worry about that!

Well, goodie, goodie !

What I noticed in reading the threads is that there was a lot of skepticism about the EM-5 and it seemed to come mainly from a few GH2 owners.

Now we get to the core of your true motivations, then ?

Most people here are very reasonable. Just a few have a tendency to say over-the-top comments.

Always an endearing line. And 99% percent of the lawyers are giving the other 1% a bad name !

I just thought it would be fun to replay some of those comments now that some of the dust has settled and the EM-5 seems like a great addition to the m43rds family.

It was fun ! Thank you for your witty adventure ! Did you similarly enjoy my own expressed ? Seems like nobody really appreciated the amusing ironies surrounding E-M5 "expectation deflation".

Where it sits in the hierarchy is for you to decide.

What ? A camera model, or your original post ?

If you are a sensible GH2 owner, god bless you and your camera.

Actually, I am a completely senseless GH2 owner, rabidly drooling with sarcastic, dangerous humor. Does that mean that I will go to hell, or just to a purgatory of foral mediocrity and lame despite ?

Always "keep the fun",

DM ...

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