How Canon's competition missed the mark, can we discuss this?

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Re: I think the OP has things completely upside down
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carlk wrote:

Many people too think Nikon have achieved a massive win and D800 is a game changer that moved dslr into the MF territory. I still don't believe op is sincere when he said he wants Nikon to make his dream camera, I know his posting history.


Never said I wanted Nikon to make my dream anything. You're seeing what you want to see, not what's actually written.

I don't have any problem whatsoever with anyone looking at my post history, I'll stand by every character I typed, so you knowing my posting history is irrelevant at best.

His hidden agenda, which is not hidden too well, is just to make D800 look a little less desirable.

My agenda was to have a civil discussion on my thoughts as expressed in the OP, there is no hidden agenda, but I guess you don't think we went to the moon either. Lighten up, it's not that

5DIII is a good but rather ordinary camera even if not considering the price. It's just not in the same league as D800. That should never happen. As you said they are supposed to be the market leader.

You're entitled to your opinion but that's really not what we've been discussing for the past few days. I guess if the topic doesn't involve rampant, pointless flaming from both sides, you just don't know how to act.

Re-read this topic and learn how civilized people from both sides conduct themselves. And since you know my posting history, you know I'm being very nice to you right now, that of course can change, but not in this topic.

Thanks for dropping by

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