Who needs slightly smaller cameras?

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flawed argument. What *really* separates men from boys...
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Your argument is terribly flawed when you take into account the fact that these smaller mirrorless camera systems are basically able to do everything that larger DSLR camera systems can do-- or more. And whatever areas that they currently can't match a DSLR will eventually be matched down the road as these mirrorless systems mature. So your argument is complete bunk and non-sense!

Another big flaw of your argument is that you fail to take into consideration the fact that many new mirrorless camera users are already DSLR users. So are you trying to make the argument that a DSLR user is a serious shooter, but the moment he picks up his mirrorless camera he suddenly just becomes a snapshooter? LOL. What a childish, small-minded perspective! Many of us are shooting the same kind of images with our DSLR gear as we are with our m4/3 gear.

Sorry, pal, what really separates the men from the boys is what you can do with your camera, not the size of your camera! For example, take a look at photographer Amos Chapple, who shoots for the Guardian UK and uses a Panasonic GH2, 20/1.7, 25/1.4, 45/1.8 and 7-14:

Here is some of his award-winning work:


tko wrote:

A cell phone is a tool. It makes phone calls. It either works or it doesn't. It has a keypad and a few buttons. You keep it with everyday. There are good reasons to make it small.

A camera is an object used to make art. It's functional, with dozens of buttons and knobs. It has to react to your every need. You must love your camera and trust it.

Desiring it small means you attach no more importance to your camera than you do to your cell phone. That you are willing to sacrifice control and performance over weight and size.

A tiny camera use has his camera with him all the time in hopes that a shot will come his way. If it ever does, he'll be ready to capture it, and post it on facebook.

A large camera user takes his camera to hunt down the shot. He's not depending on luck bringing something his way.

That's the difference. Are you a photographer? Or a snapshooter? Are you interested in taking snapshots of your life? Or getting great photographs?

Nothing wrong with either. But the snapshooters should stop whinging about how heavy and obsolete dSLRs are. It's the big guns that bring home the bacon.

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