X-Pro1 or Oly E-M5

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Re: X-Pro1 or Oly E-M5
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If you want one camera to do everything and don't print that large, you would be fine with the Oly to be honest. The Fuji is capable of really large prints but you will have to work at it and be happy to restrict your photography to what it is really good at.

I have the Fuji but I also have a D700. The latter does a better job of events and action, so I don't feel the loss of that ability in the Fuji. However I really appreciate the Fuji's ability as a specialist travel/documentary camera which can double as a great landscape and portrait tool. I love the portraits from the Fuji!

The Oly is a good general purpose camera, the Fuji is a specialised high quality camera.

It's like a family car. It may handle well enough and go fast enough so that you don't feel the need for a sports car, and it may be able to tow a small trailer. On the other hand if you like speed but own a large boat you need a truck AND a two seater.

But the EM5 is really a shrunk down DSLR which does not have the tracking ability. The D7000 is cheaper, has marginally better IQ and can track moving subjects, it is just bulkier. I would say that the Oly is great if small is your main criteria - it is the least compromised all-round mirrorless camera - but its only real advantage over the D7000 is size.

The Fuji does not compete with SLRs. It's a second camera that will allow you to shoot certain scenes at least as well as an FF SLR, but at a fraction of the size and weight. However it will not do everything, it just some things very very well.

byron007 wrote:

I am in love with both. Here's why

(1) E-M5 : Small size, fast (9fps), well made,does a lot very well, good lenses. But small sensor and a little weird looking.

(2) X-Pro1 :Great looking, larger size APS/c sensor creates wonderful images,poor man's M9. Not happy with lens available. Size is big for a "compact" camera

I am a hobbyist and shoot anything and every thing. will not print any shots larger than 11x14 in
If price was not an issue which would you pick and why

Many thanks for your guidance

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