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Re: Rebuttal to professional photographers
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But why, oh why, for Pete's sake, you would want to run a photography business? If the very definition of a business success is when you earn more than your dentist or your lawyer By that criteria, 99.99% of the professional photographers are losers.

Another thing, why would you turn an enjoyable hobby into a painful business, - when you start depending on your hobby for income, the hobby usually dies. Use business to produce money, use hobby to produce enjoyment, and never confuse the two. I enjoy cooking, my family and friends like it, somebody would inevitably suggest to open a restaurant, but I would never think of opening a restaurant - there are a lot easier ways of making money - neither would I go to other restaurant owners for an advice how to cook, - if they are successful they know a lot more about how to make a profit than how to cook a delicious food.

jglaser757 wrote:

I am very appreciative to the professional photographers that have answered my questions in the past year or so..THANK YOU.

I just don't understand why so many seem to discourage newbies from venturing into the field? Why do they do this? Is it because they hate the profession? Do they think that it is a dying profession? Are they so arrogant that they think others wont be able to learn the skills necessary? I have encountered numerous posts discouraging us to venture into the profession because it is too "hard."

Maybe its arrogance on my part! I don't believe that because i was a dentist and always felt that anyone could be a dentist with the proper schooling and training
So, I want to know, why some professionals do that?

Cause, its not to difficult a career! Yes you have to know how to run a business! Thats easy! I had one for 15 years until i sold it! Running a business is not hard, it just takes a good plan. There are good days and bad days. You save for the bad ones! Earning a good living from a profession is relative to how much and hard you want to work.

IT might take time finding clients, but that happens in any business. And, I think every business finds this aspect to be the hardest.

Having the ability to take great photographs is not hard! Anybody can become a good photographer with the proper schooling and training.

Any thoughts? Am I off-base here!



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