Who needs slightly smaller cameras?

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ljfinger wrote:

T3 wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

T3 wrote:

Seriously, though, not everyone is a typical very large American who can't notice the difference between 10 keys and 20 keys.

I'm 5'6" and 140 pounds.

LOL. Then clearly you're using your camera gear to make up for other deficiencies! You're over-compensating!

I use what's necessary to get the job done, and don't whine about it.

On the other hand, many here are saying something to the effect that they'll give up some performance and capabilities to save a couple of pounds (at most). I'd call that being a wimp, but it's not very PC.

Just shoot your 5D right alongside an E-M5 and tell us what "performance and capabilities:" you are sacrificing. The only real difference is DOF control. I shoot with a 5D. And I also own an E-PM1. I honestly have to tell you that, aside from DOF and a bit of high ISO performance, I don't really feel like I'm sacrificing that much when using my lowly E-PM1. When you start comparing the 5D against an E-M5, the image quality difference gets even smaller. For maximum DOF control, I still use the 5D. But when DOF control isn't so much of an issue, I'm fine with using the m4/3 gear. It's so much more compact, inconspicuous, and flexible.

You are obviously speaking from a position of ignorance, or just plain childishness, to feel the need to call people wimps for using more compact cameras. People who are more secure with themselves have no problem using a 5D one day, or an E-PM1 the next day, depending on their whims or needs or preference. It's just not a big deal for us.

Why are you so obsessed about the size of other people's equipment? What kind of insecurities and personal deficiencies are you trying to mask or overcompensate for with this obsession of yours? Sound rather sad. I think most healthy, confident people just say, "Cool, now we have the option of smaller camera equipment or larger camera equipment! More choice to fit our needs!" YOU, on the other hand, felt compelled to start this silly, obsessive thread! What's up with that, Lee? Why so insecure? Why is it such an issue with you?

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